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Easy Pet Vet


Coco's is dedicated to providing the latest in the Pet Industry and this telehealth service for pets is cutting edge. We aim to make a difference in our community and in the lives of animals.  

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Coco's Pet Center is thrilled to bring Telehealth for Pets as a service for our customers.  Welcome to Easy Pet Vet powered by GoLexi, a telehealth platform serving people and now pets.  As part of Coco's continued mission to bring the latest and greatest to our families, we have partnered to bring you this affordable, 24/7 service for pet consultations with licensed veterinarians.  


So what is telehealth?  

As the pandemic raged, being seen by professional in medicine and mental health via video became the norm and as a widely accepted method of care delivery across all demographics.  As telehealth grew overnight, so did the recognition that it can be used in an almost unlimited way.  Even pet consultations!  


What does it do?

Easy Pet Vet is a service that offers video or phone consultations with a licensed veterinarian for a variety of reasons:

*  Determine if an immediate trip to the vet or emergency vet is needed

*  Get guidance on how to care for your pet

*  Discuss behavioral issues

*  Get nutrition/wellness advice


How does it work?

It is very easy to start using this service:

*  Sign up for a subscription (cancel at any time) which is $16 a month for an unlimited number of visits.  Coco's customers will be eligible for a free week long trial period.

*  Provide information about your pet

*  Log in to request a consultation via either video or phone.  A licensed vet will be in touch with you within an hour to conduct the visit.

Need help or have questions - 

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