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Coco's is dedicated to providing necessary and fun items for you and your pet.  We aim to make a difference in our community and in the lives of animals.  We will provide fun and educational events that add value to our customer's lives.

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Special Orders/Requests

As a small store, we can't carry everything for everyone - but we certainly want to help you avoid an extra trip in your busy schedule.  Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will contact you with pricing and arrival information.  We will call you when it comes in or, for an additional fee, ship it directly to you.  Simply click on the Contact Us button and provide your information.  We will contact you shortly!



As a growing company, we are always interested in finding ways to work with other animal service providers and suppliers.  We welcome the chance to meet other business owners to discuss mutually beneficial working relationships that will add to both of our ability to serve customers.  Please click on the Contact Us button and provide your information!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Partners:


Grooming:  Shaggy Paws

Crystal is the Owner/Groomer she been grooming 13+years,her passion is always been working with animals, Angela is the co-owner/bather she been working behind the Scenes for awhile, now you guys see her face. She helps Crystal out while she busy grooming.

(410) 699-1332

Dog Walking/Sitting:  Aperion Pups

Aaron has been assisting friends and family in dog training for over 10 years. He offers a premium pack experience for your pup. Pups learn from the pack by socializing with well behaved dogs. Your pup will have the chance to get out and about all while exercising and learning pack manners. Services we offer include dog walking, pack excursions, pack socialization, pet sitting, behavior training, integration into the family, consultations, and occasional breeding. Aaron can help with any situation so if you need help with your pup just ask. He will create a custom plan that will work for your pack.

Apeiron Pups--A Pack Approach


Pet Sitting:  Sam's Pet Sitting

  • Customized visits & care to fit your needs

  • Daily/Weekly/Every once-in-a-while visits

  • Walking/Feeding

  • Cat litter, birdcage or fishbowl cleaning

  • Getting your household mail and even watering plants


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